McMillian Entertainment Consulting Artist Development

Whatever your genre, presentation is golden. Presenters look for quality, irrespective of their budget. They still want the best effort. MEC prides itself on partnering with seasoned professionals who understand and drive home the need for artists to be dignified and dedicated. MEC was created to service all entities by providing artist development for aspiring and professional artists. Every detail of how the artist wants to be perceived must be executed for ultimate outcome. “Sweat the small stuff. It counts!” Artists should be committed to educating and enhancing their skills, set goals and develop a plan for their vision.


MEC is a customized mentoring program for vocalists in pursuit of a career as a professional vocalist & performer.
Phase I – Evaluation/Goals/Commitment
Phase II – Customizing a program
Phase III – Creating program tools, Repertoire, Vocal coaching
Phase IV – Performance techniques, Vocal rehearsals
Phase V – Business Administration/Photo Session
Phase VI – Vocal Demo Session/Electronic Press Kit
The primary goal is to prepare the client to be an active, viable participant in the band circuit. By the end of Phase II, they are usually able to teach the mentor a thing or two