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When Life Goes Rogue.


For years I  have clung to the OLD adage that “age is just a number”. While it may be so from varying perspectives, I was not personally prepared for  It has been a humbling experience to recognize witnessing the decline in my quality of life. I totally ignored the signs and red flags, which were blurred by the instant gratification I was receiving from my musical performances. The remarkable thing is that I was a late bloomer with what seemed to some, “nine lives” of re-invention. My careers came to an abrupt halt when I turned 71, but not my dreams.

There’s that, and then the diagnosis of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – Parkinson’s Disease, a little known brain condition.                                                                                                 

Parkinsons is so complex that my diagnosis was tagged as an “ism” of Parkinsons.  I can feel their concern and appreciate their honest communication and care.  It seems to be very  difficult for the doctors trying to diagnose and treat;  and devastating for the millions of lives impacted.

Every patient has different symptoms. Some shake some don’t. Some like me, are in pain 24/7.  There is no cure on the horizon. I have re-adjusted my thought process to keeping my expectations low and my tolerance high.

Please, Keep in touch.

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 Touched By A Legend                    

It was one of my “off” days when the pain never calms, stumbling through the house at high speed. What I needed was a distraction, so I  finally watched the documentary about Linda Ronstadt. My Agent, Barry Herndon, had told me that her experience was similar to mine.  it WAS mine!  I assumed it would be the same ‘ol  story, limited to talking about “shaking” symptom, which is the most commonly recognized, There are symptoms doctors haven’t even seen yet.  

I almost fell off the chair when Linda Ronstadt shared her diagnosis, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Actually you feel special just to master the pronounciation. By the time she finished describing herself, I thought she was talkiing about me.

I understand from the article below, that the interview took place in my home town, San Antonio, Texas. We are the same age, and like kindred spirits, both love vocalizing a broad range of music genre, but seemed to have “one” that consumed every fiber of our being when we performed the style. For me,  it was Brazilian.

I enjoyed singing songs that challenged my range, like, the intro of, I Will Survive, Don’t Stop Believin’,  or Young Hearts Run Free. I loved the smoothness of Jazz Standards, the  cool of Soul, the acid in Rock  the freedom, of Rock’n Roll., and the earthiness of a country lyric in  Rascal Flatts’ “Broken Road”.

I was struck by Linda Ronstadt’s resolve, and realistic view of  prospects for the future; so much so, that  the old me revealed and fears calmed.

It is what it is. i’m ready. In girlfriend  terms . . . . . .  WHATEVER! 



Linda Ronstadt on the rare brain condition that ended her singing career

Linda  Ronstadt, now 73, prematurely retired from her decades-long singing career due to a rare condition called progressive supranuclear palsy, which is similar to Parkinson’s disease and has no known cure. “I was expecting [the doctor] was going to say I had a pinched nerve and they could fix it. And he said, ‘Well, I think you might have Parkinson’s disease,’ and I was totally shocked. It took him about a year after that to come to the diagnosis and then took a little bit longer to come to supranuclear palsy,” Ronstadt said.