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Making an Impact on Our Community One Small Business at a Time.

The clients we serve are attracting well-deserved attention that is long overdue. We show them how to be competitive within a start-up budget and by trusting us to guide them in the right direction.

  • Digital marketing: We can help you navigate the internet or social media to make the most of available resources. We begin with a  a review of the effectiveness of your website, its design,  features, content and analytical feedback. If needed we can help increase productivity,  and facilitate a solution to concerns in any other areas, where it is needed. We also provide, maintenance and upgrades such as e-commerce service.
  • Social Media Marketing: These firms will also advise you on ways to use social media to communicate and interact with customers and prospects.
  • Marketing /Advertising Communications: We offer services that include planning and develop print or virtual communications material, such as promotional brochures, product catalogs, and other marketing support communications.We are a small family-owned firm who cares about its customers and we will get the job done.


Making The Right Choices.

Just like individuals have a unique vision, so do businesses. We help you make the right choices to brand and grow your business. Contact us, and let’s schedule an appointment to discuss in detail, how we can help.

Case Study: The Blind Beauty Visionary

As beauty industry Franchise Owner, Business Leader, and Mentor, for over 40 years, making the decision to transition from behind the chair was not an easy move for Carolyn Marshall Covington. With determination being her nature, she was simply now having it. She chose to re-invent, re-brand, and create a non-profit to help others in the Blind and visually impaired, disabled and those suffering from chronic illnesses, find much needed resources.