The Situation Analysis

Client: Carolyn Marshall Covington

Carolyn is a Beauty Industry Leader and experienced marketing professional who in spite of a vision impairment knows exactly what she wants.

Her strength is in her story, a powerful story so interesting that when she speaks, total attention is commanded. Her story is the key to branding her.  One challenge is keeping up with her creative flow. She is excited when it flows and it is contagious.

Carolyn was connected with a personal Stylist and on-call Make-up artist, to accommodate her demanding schedule. The team works in cooperation with her personal assistant. There are frequently last-minute networking opportunities for her non-profit foundation for the blind and visually impaired. Carolyn chose a marketing-on-demand package, which contracts our team to be available with reasonable notice, to create handouts and other marketing materials specific to each event. The following were created by our team according to the new marketing strategy for Inspirational Advocate.

  • Upgrade of Social Media Marketing
  • Creation of Electronic/Downloadable Press Kit
  • Development of a Video Promo for Carolyn’s You Tube Channel
  • Planning a new Speaking Tour Campaign

Carolyn Marshall Covington, Inspirational Advocate

Those who have known Carolyn Marshall Covington for many years, worked with her and sometimes faced daunting challenges with her. Now they embrace her struggle as she faces one of the biggest challenges of her life. She had been diagnosed with Retinitus Pigmentosa (RP) Retinitis pigmentosa, a rare, inherited degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment.

As beauty industry Franchise Owner, Business Leader, and Mentor, for over 40 years, making the decision to transition from behind the chair was not an easy move for Carolyn, and with determination being her nature, she was simply now having it. She chose to re-invent, re-brand, and create a foundation to help others in the Blind and visually impaired community find much needed resources.  We had worked closely with her for several years, and we now begin a new journey along side  the Inspirational Advocate.

The Solution

Brand Carolyn to impact her home market  with speaking engagements, impressive press kit, constant social media identity for her organizations and events and create  a brand new vision to direct a new path for her life.